My Blogging Goals for 2016 | Blogmas Day 17

I am sticking to what I said yesterday!! After yesterday's post I thought I would think of some blogging goals for next year and then share them with you! 

Upload once a week 
When I wasn't doing Blogmas, you may have noticed that me uploading once a week regularly was a very rare occasion.  I seemed to have no schedule what so ever and just uploaded when ever I had a post.  Sometimes there would be a month from one post to another! (maybe I shouldn't admit this, but you can all see it so haha) I am determined to upload once a week next year. 

Do not focus on stats and numbers
As you all know from yesterday's post I am terrible at focusing on stats and numbers.  If my views go down or people unfollow me I get so disheartened.  That is not how I should be! Next year I want to make sure I don't pay too much attention to stats. 

Reach 300 Bloglovin followers
Saying that, it would be nice to have more followers.  NOT because numbers matter, but it is nice to know people enjoy what you're writing.  If I don't get that many followers, its not going to bother me!  I shall continue blogging because I enjoy it. Plus compared to some blogs I read, 300 followers is nothing haha. 

Improve my photography 
My pictures for my blog aren't great, but I really want to try and improve this.  I love photography, but I'm not any good at it.  I recently got a new camera so hopefully that should improve the quality of the images and if I use a different flat lay, hopefully the pictures on my blog will start to look better! 

Include more variety of posts
I feel like the majority of my posts are beauty related.  There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but I love reading lifestyle posts and when I've written them I've really enjoyed it.  I definitely want to try and include more lifestyle on this blog.  Baking is another thing I really enjoy so I want to include more of that on this blog!

So there are my blogging goals for 2016.  Lets hope I manage to complete them!

What are some of your blogging goals for next year? 



  1. Good luck with your Goals! I am doing one of these next year and I can't wait to post it! If you need help with photography I have lots of photography Tips post Posts on my blog x

    1. Thank you!
      Oo I'll make sure to go and have a look! X
      Jessica x

  2. oh yeah, reaching 300 bloglovin followers would be one of my goals for 2016. And also, reaching 200 followers on YouTube :) Improving my photography is always in my list now.

    Arianne | Ayre