I Will Get Back On Track | Blogmas Day 16

Just going to go right in with this post and admit that I am well and truly in a massive blogging stump at the moment.  I have been for about a week now, hence the no posts and one that I am not happy with, but I wanted to at least post something for you all to read.

I know that numbers and stats aren't important, but when you put lots of effort into something and it doesn't get much of a response it is hard to not be disappointed.  I try and try to ignore numbers, but it  is the thing I struggle with most (with blogging and everything else to be honest haha) Its not like I've had a bad response so I don't know why I've let myself get in such a stump with blogging, but I have! To make me feel even worse I've ended up getting so frustrated with myself for not sticking to blogmas, it makes me feel like a really crap blogger making it even harder for me to come up with blog posts, but there we go. 

I still love having a blog, don't get me wrong, and I'm so grateful for the amount of readers I do have and the amazing friends I've made via this little blog. I just need to remember to not get caught up in stats! I hope some of you can relate to how I feel about this?! 

Aaanyway, I think/hope I am out of this mindset now. I have had some good response to my blogmas posts and gained new readers and that is what is important, right? Its just nice to know that someone out there enjoys reading your tiny part on the internet.  

I have most of my posts planned now until Christmas, but please let me know if there is anything you'd like to read on here! Leave me a comment or tweet me at @bird_butterfly1


P.S sorry this wasn't a very cheery post! 


  1. This was such an honest post, and I really appreciate that. For me, I chose not to do blogmas, simply cos I knew I wouldn't be able to have fresh content each day. If you are going to choose to continue, maybe a post on the true meaning of christmas or a q and a?

    1. Ah thank you.
      Oh those are two good ideas actually, thank you!