Mental Health

So I've been debating whether to write a post on this topic for quite a while.  Mainly because I'm nervous and scared of how people will react, but I have now just decided to just go ahead and do it (clearly...) I'm not sure where I'm going to go with this post, I'm just going to write and see what happens!

A bit about me first.. Since a very young age, I have struggled with anxiety. There's a post here of the things I do that help me. A couple of years ago I was also diagnosed with depression.  So yes, I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. When I was first diagnosed with the depression I found it very hard to accept and I was convinced that no matter what, I would become suicidal and that terrified me and so I refused to accept the fact I had depression. This made things so much harder for me and everyone else around me.  However, eventually I accepted it. This made things slightly easier, but it also meant I was now dealing with the stigma and around it.  I don't cope that well with my depression and I hate anyone knowing about my illness, there are only 2 people that know fully about it. But this post isn't about me so lets move on....

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The main reason I was inspired to write this post is because of the stigma around all mental illnesses.  I've read posts and watched videos talking about it, so I thought I should join in as it is something I feel strongly about. 

What I hate most, is the way that you have to try and make yourself look like you have a problem. I hate the way, some people feel the need to harm themselves just so they can get the help they need. I hate how people use depression as an adjective.  I hate that its not a good enough reason to take a day off school/uni/ work.  For example, in class a few weeks ago,  my friend had a tummy ache and the tutor allowed her to go home. No questions asked, she was just allowed to leave. Later in the class, I had a panic attack. I was with a friend outside telling her I couldn't face going back in and she understood so went and got my stuff for me and told the tutor I had to leave. However, the tutor came out and told me I couldn't leave. She made me go with her to get a drink and then made me sit through the rest of the class. I asked twice if I could leave, she said "no, you're fine. I'm not allowing you to leave".  If this isn't a good example of how mental illness isn't treated the same as physical illness, I don't know what is. 

The stigma around all mental illness is ridiculous.  The way me and so many others feel the need to hide their illness from everyone around them because they are afraid that people will just react with "get over it" or "get away from me, you're weird, you'll always be in a bad mood" (I don't know if this is what everyone feels, but I know a lot of people do) or scared that everyone will just leave you.

The way that so many normal people and celebrities (not that they're not normal, but you know what I mean) have died because of depression for some people to start to realise that it is a REAL SERIOUS ILLNESS. It is not them just being sad or attention seeking, its them being ill, just on the inside.  The brain is an organ, just like hearts. People with a heart disease don't just get told to "get over it". 

Something really has to change. 

I really love this video from Mae (check out her channel) and she basically says what I have tried to say in this post.  I agree with everything she says. 

If you are going through a hard time, please just talk to someone. It can literally be anyone, a teacher, friend, doctor, people you speak to online, even me. It will make you feel better, even if slightly. Honestly.  
I am always here if any of you want to talk because, trust me, I've probably been through it (depression wise anyway).  You can leave comments below or email me or tweet me (@percypippins) Anything.  Just know I'm here to talk :) 

Finally, this video from Zoe Sugg, she said that whenever she starts to feel anxious or panicky she said that its ok for her to be feeling like that, and I think that it is a very good thing to remember.  Don't feel bad for having a mental illness, its an illness as the name suggests, so its ok for you to be feeling the way you do.

Hopefully one day this stigma will be gone and more people will finally understand. 



  1. I will check out Mae's channel right now! Something that I do, if I feel a bit overwhelmed and need to calm down is, I stand on a tall basket and stick my head out of a small window, to just breathe in the fresh air and see the beautiful view of my garden. It really helps, I may stand there for 5 mins or 30 but it's a way to clear my head. Which is quite important.
    Peace xo
    (I would love it if you could check out this page

    1. Definitely do, she makes really good videos :) Thats sounds helpful, I might try that!
      Yeah I will do! :)
      Thanks for reading!

  2. I was very anxious for two weeks, but I'm back to feeling okay now. I literally got really anxious when I went to work, and had anxiety attacks as well from mild to just ridiculous. I asked to go home and they let me, only because the person I asked was someone that experiences anxiety as well. She understood and she covered for me. I'm very thankful for that small thing in my life, even though at one point, I just felt completely trapped at a job I disliked so much.

    So tomorrow, I will do my best to stay positive and put on a happy face. faking it helps because it tricks my body into feeling upbeat.

    I also find it helps me when I talk to people who are going through the same thing because I can offer them support easier than I can offer them to myself. So, if you ever need words of encouragement, feel free to tweet me @ariannecruz07


    1. I'm glad you're back to feeling okay now!
      Yeah I find talking to people that go through the same is a bit easier. Thank you, same to you! (@percypippins)

  3. What a lovely post! I agree with everything you mentioned here. I too suffer with anxiety, have done for almost 4 years. I was luckily enough to be able to have the strength to fight and ween myself off my medication. I realise I was lucky because I know many people aren't or haven't managed to do that yet.. Unfortunately, due to becoming quite ill at the end of last year I had to request my doctor put me back on my medication after almost 9 months without. When asked how I felt, he looked at me with this "are you serious?" smug face. I felt so belittled, embarrassed and ashamed that I wasn't able to continue without the meds… I took them again for almost a week until I just felt "okay" enough to not take them again.. But it frustrates me that, even a doctor can look at you and make you feel like that..

    I really hope one day mental illness will be recognises and those who suffer will get the acceptance they deserve. This really was a lovely post Jessica, thank you for sharing your story and huge apologises for such a long comment, ha! x

    1. Aw well done to you for being able to ween your self of the medication thats really good!
      That is so terrible of your doctor to be like that! He should not react like that. You definitely shouldn't have felt ashamed of having to be put back on medication but well done for coming off of them again! I wish I was able to ween myself off medication haha.

      Hopefully one day! You don't need to apologise for a long comment, I enjoy reading them :)

      Thank you so much!