My Christmas Decorations | Blogmas Day 24

In our house, we have a lot of Christmas decorations up and we have colour themes, but who doesn't right?!  Taking pictures for this post has been much harder than I had expected and they don't look great but I thought I'd share them all with you anyway. 

Our front room is a red/gold/green theme which I really love as it make the room feel all nice and cosy! 
 (spot the dog haha)

In the dining room we have a silver theme and this is where the Christmas Tree goes.  How I wish it was a real tree :( 

There is a on our tree and of course, my mum always has to put the decorations I made when I was like 5 on there, haha.
There are more than just this snowman, but you don't want to see all of those haha

 I'd love to see what some of your decorations look like, send me some on Twitter! (@bird_butterfly1)

There will be another post going up tomorrow and then that will be my last blogmas post! If you count what I've done as blogmas haha. Anyway, see you tomorrow with my favourites from 2015!


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