First Mac Purchases!

A couple of days ago, I went to London with my mum and went into Harrods.  The first thing I saw when I went in was Mac.  I've always wanted to buy some Mac makeup, but there's no where around where I live to buy any and it is quite pricey.  However, as another Christmas present my mum said she would buy me on thing and I could use some of my own money for another (best mum ever) so I did and here they are.

The first thing was the Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation:

I love it.  The coverage is so good and doesn't give a 'cakey' look.  It just looks really nice and yes, I just really like it haha.

The next was veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow: Plumluxe.
 I have only wore this once so far, but the one time I did, it was perfect,  I used the top colour.  It is so glittery and I wore it on New Years Eve and it lasted the whole night.

I know this isn't a detailed review, but I just thought I should do a short post on them because its Mac and I've never bought any before and now I'm very happy.


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