Fashion and Beauty Haul

Hello again, back to more fashion/beauty related topic today!

I always like reading beauty or fashion hauls so I thought it would be fun to do one.  Over the past couple of months I have bought a few too many fashion and beauty items, and basically spent all the Christmas and birthday money I had, so I thought I will put them all in one post and show you all.


The first thing was these shoes from Topshop. I got them in the sale for £15!! (If you know Topshop, that is actually very cheap for them haha)  I really like these shoes, and they are so comfy!

The next things were more shoes from H&M. In higndsight, these may not be worth the £29 I paid for them as I don't wear heels often enough really.  But they just looked so nice on the website I had to get them!

Still from H&M I got this skater skirt. I really love this colour and I think for £12.99 this is really nice. I like the subtle pattern on it and it is such a soft material!

(Sorry for the bad lighting in this picture, it's a plum colour and I also have it in black)

The final fashion item I purchased was this blouse from Primark for £8.  It is a Duck Egg blue, which looks really nice, but I'm not sure if it's going to suit me but I'm going to try it anyway! 

Onto Beauty!

The first thing I purchased was The Real Techniques- Nic's Picks.  This set includes a Duo-fiber face brush, Cheek Brush (exclusive to the set), Angled Shadow Brush (exclusive to the set), Base Shadow Brush and an Eyeliner Brush (exclusive to the set).  I am well and truly in love with this set and, in my opinion, it is definitely worth the money! 

(Once again, sorry for the quality of the pictures!) 

I'm not really one for lipsticks, but when I went into Boots the other day I thought it was time to invest in one! So i picked up this Rimmel one in the: 480 Classic Wine.  To me, this lipstick seems really nice consistency and it lasts all day! 

Finally, I picked up a mascara. I have quite a few mascaras, but I thought I would try one from Rimmel this time.  So I bought this one, which has Argon Oil in. I really like it, it separates my eyelashes well and gives me lots of volume.  The only problem I have with it, is that it doesn't seem to stay on my eyes too well! By the end of the day, sometimes, half of it is down my face which is not what I want! Haha.

So that's all for my post today! As I've said throughout, sorry for the quality of the pictures, my iPhone isn't great at pictures with all the cracks around the camera, oops haha. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this, and let me know any items you want to buy and if you like this sort of post!


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