5 Things That Help Me

Hello again.

Today, I thought I'd post about something a bit different.   As you may know, I suffer from anxiety and depression which leaves me to not really feeling that happy most of the time and not knowing what to do (woah bit deep, lets change the tone haha) When I feel down these are a few things I will try and do, which mostly work for me.  I'm hoping that this will help a few of you, and if doesn't I hope you at least enjoyed reading it!

  1. Exercise: I know that everyone says this helps with anxiety, but it really does. I never really thought it would when I got told about it, but I tried it and it did.  It doesn't necessarily mean going to gym everyday or going for runs (it can be if you want) but something like yoga which helps focus on your breathing helps or just going for a stroll out, which I like to do.
  2. Diet: When I'm going through a bad time with my mood, I always try and focus on what I'm eating.  Even though I don't have much of an appetite, I still try to eat healthy as I feel that watching what you put inside you does make a difference. Be healthy! 
  3. Talking: This may not help all of you, but you should definitely try it.  Just talking to friends, family, even teachers about how you're feeling can really help.  I find just telling people about how I feel really helps me. Suffering in silence is never good, trust me! Even talk to me if you want to.
  4. Lists: Sometimes I find that writing a list of everything positive in my life makes me feel better.  It makes you realise that not all is bad.  Granted, that it may be hard to think of anything positive when you're feeling down, but there is always something positive in your life.
  5. Social media: Right, I know what works for me on this topic, but I know the opposite will work for others. I find, that distracting my self by going on Twitter or Facebook usually helps me.  It gives me the chance to not think about how crap I may be feeling.  However, I know that for others social media just makes things 10X worse, so for those it is good for you to just switch your phone off.  Just sit down and focus on you, don't worry about anyone else (sometimes this does help me)
So there we are.  That is my short list of things I do that help me, that I'm hoping may help some of you if you suffer from anxiety or just generally feeling down.  If it doesn't, maybe you may have friends that would find this useful? I hope even if you know no one that suffers from anxiety etc. that you enjoyed this slightly different post.

Please remember, you are always welcome to talk to me via Twitter or email or commenting on this post :)



  1. I really like and can relate to the list idea! Ird just calming and helps me organise my thoughts xo
    www.waitwhatok.blogspot.com <<my blog in case you're interested :)

    1. *it's just calming :)
      Sorry for the typo

    2. *it's just calming :)
      Sorry for the typo

    3. Aw I'm glad you can relate to that idea :) I'll check out your blog x

  2. Nice. Glad they are helping you :) Fighting with anxiety and depression can be a battle.

  3. Talking helps for me, too, because I imagine that my anxiety is this nasty thing living inside of me. Talking is my way of purging it out, until I'm left with only nice and positive things inside of me :)