Everyday Makeup

Hi everyone! Today I thought I'd do a little post on my everyday makeup that I'm liking to wear at the moment!


Firstly, I apply my MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.  This gives quite good coverage so I don't need concealer at the moment, but for under my eyes I use the collection Lasting Perfection.


I then just go over my face with my favourite powder (which I've hit pan on :( ) Rimmel Stay Matte, with the Real Techniques Duo Fiber Brush.

I like to use the Barry M Natural Glow Palette 2, which has 6 eyeshadows and a primer.  I use my finger and just cover my eye lids with the primer.  

I then use the first colour over my whole eye lid using the Real Techniques base shadow brush and then through the crease of my eye I put the second colour through with the Real Techniques Angled Shadow Brush. 

I then curl my eyelashes using the nicest coloured curlers ever (in my opinion anyway haha) from a Ted Baker Makeup set.

As I want this to be quit a natural make up look I just use this black eye shadow from Barry M to draw a fine line over my eyelashes using the Real Techniques eye liner Brush.  I then use my Rimmel Wonderful Mascara with Argan Oil.

Finally, onto my cheeks.  

I use this Colour Works Blusher just on the apples of my cheeks using the Real Techniques Cheek Brush.  This is just a really nice natural 'flushed' look. 

I then use this Bronzer from Ted Baker, which I also use as a highlighter as it has quite a lot of sparkle in it and just gives me a nice glow on my cheeks.


This Ted Baker is just a nice red colour (as you can see from the swatch) it is really well pigmented and really moisturising. 

So that's my makeup I like at the moment! I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know of any makeup you're liking in the comments or if you liked this post :) 



  1. Lovely post!
    I would love it if you checked out my latest one you may be interested in it! If not I'm sure you'll like the one before xo

  2. Lovely post!
    I would love it if you checked out my latest one you may be interested in it! If not I'm sure you'll like the one before xo

  3. Nice read :)
    How do you find the Mac foundation? Is it heavy?
    I like the Urban Decay one but i like trying new ones out!
    Love that lip colour. Check out Make Up Revolution. Only £1 for lippies and they go on great with some fab shades to try out. I did a post on my purple and pinks.



    1. Thank you. I find it really nice, not heavy at all :) However, I'm finding after using it for quite a while it is causing me to breakout, but that just might be my terrible skin. I've never tried the urban decay one!
      I've actually just bought a couple of lippies from them! I'll have a read of your post :)

    2. Ooh what's shades? I think for quirky colours it's nice to experiment with cheaper brands as £1 is nothing if you hate it. Lol
      Aww it could just be your skin needs a break. Mine gets like that.
      Yes the UD one is nice and the new Nars one. I just asked for samples as I wasn't paying loads for something I might not like.
      I'm going Mac in March for the new Cinderella collection so I'm going to get a sample and fully decide which one I want. I'm so picky! Ha
      Hope you like the lippies. I love make up revolution :)

      Bex x

    3. I got a nude and pink shade (which I can't remember off of the top of my head!) but I'm gonna be doing a post on them soon :)
      Yeah maybe! I really want a Nars one! I may have to ask for samples, haha.
      Ah I'm so excited for the cinderella collection!

      Jessica x

  4. Real Techniques are my holy grail brushes :D


  5. This is the post where I found out it was your blog! Can't wait for you to come back and we can collaborate :) x