Fashion and Beauty Q and A!

I have a bit of a different post for you all today.  It is a collaboration with Ellie from The Girl in the Blue Dress.  Please all go and check out her lovely blog after you've finished reading this because it is beautiful and similar posts to mine!

I asked Ellie some fashion and beauty related questions and here are her answers.  Hope you enjoy reading this.

1. What is your favourite fashion High street store?
     River Island  

2. What is your favourite HighStreet beauty drugstore brand?


3. What is your favourite high end make-up brand?

    MAC! Definitely 

4.  What items would be in your fantasy fashion wardrobe?
     Proper Camel Coat, that fits.
5.  What items would be in your perfect makeup bag?

     MAC Blankety lipstick and Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

6.  What is your skin care routine?

     Wash my face using Crystal Clear face wash, then moisturise with Clinique dramatically difference moisturiser.  There will be a blog post soon on Ellie's blog about this :)

    7. What is your favourite skin care product? 
    Body Shop vitamin A sorbet

8.  What are your bag essentials? 

     Eos, Make-up touch ups and Phone

So those are all the questions I asked Ellie and her responses.  If you want to see the questions she asked me and my responses, please go over and check out her blog!

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Hope you enjoyed this different post!


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