Billy Elliot 10th Anniversary | 12th May 2015

If you didn't already know, I love musicals.  There's just something about them that just really makes me happy! My all time favourite is Billy Elliot.  I think I have a bordering obsession with it, haha. I've seen the show 4 times now and it gets better each time.  The talent of everyone, particularly the children amazes me!

On the 12th May it was their 10th anniversary and I was lucky enough to get tickets before they sold out. The show was incredible.  It was different to that of normal as it was a sort of rally between 6 different Billy Elliot's all swapping throughout the show.

During the interval, the staff handed out to everyone a small bottle of Prosecco or a non-alcoholic version for people who didn't drink.  I think this was a lovely touch and it made the evening more special.

The end of the show featured all of the people that had played Billy Elliot over the 10 years and also all of the ballet girls.  Everyone came onto the stage at the end and it was just an amazing atmosphere.

You weren't allowed to take any pictures so I haven't got a lot to show you, but I'll show you the couple I did take.

I know this isn't the normal sort of post you'd expect, but I hope you enjoyed reading anyway. I just loved the show too much to not share it haha.


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