Barry M Sunset Gel | Review

I've read a lot of good things about the Barry M Sunset Gel nail varnishes and as a lover of Barry M nail varnish, I thought it was about time I picked one up.

In the range there are 7 different colours and the one topcoat which gives the gel like finish.  I got it in the colour 'Do it Like a Nude' as I really love nude nail varnishes and thought this would be a good one as my first try!

I needed two coats of this (which is recommended) to get the colour in the bottle.  However, I do think another coat would make it look a tad better, but it still looks fine with just two coats.

The finished result really does give the look of gel nails from the salon at the cheaper cost of £4.99! I've had no chips and the nail varnish does feel really strong.

Overall, I love this nail varnish from Barry M and I definitely recommend it! I will definitely be getting a couple of the other colours.

Let me know of any nail varnish you're loving at the moment!



  1. I got this exact nail varnish and found it lasted for only one day :( think I must be putting it on too thick!
    I love the pink colour from that range!

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  3. This looks so pretty 💕 love your blog by the ways xx