Very Small Lush Haul

Right ok, I know I said I probably won't be posting any blog posts because of exams. However,  I popped into Lush yesterday and picked these two bath products up and they were just way too nice to not post on here!

The first one I got was purely because it looked cute, and the amazing smell was just an added bonus! What I like about this, is that its not all glitter.  Don't get me wrong,  I love the glittery bath bombs/bubble bars, but its really nice to just have half and half. Its a bubble bar, so you just have to crumble it under running water.

(Fluffy Egg)

The second one I picked up is just the loveliest colour ever and I cannot wait to put it in my bath.  I also love the little flowers on the top, so cute.  The smell is described as candy floss, which is bang on, but it also really smells of bubblegum.  Its actually really nice! This one is a bath bomb, so you just pop it into the bath.

So there we have my two Lush purchases! I know its not much of a post, but I wanted to upload it anyway! Theres a guest post coming up soon about favourite Lush products so have a look out for that :)


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  1. Ooo I've never tried the bubblegrub one, looks adorable! :)
    Becky.x ||