Beauty and Fashion Wishlist

I've done a wish list before (which you can read here) and I really enjoyed making one so I thought I would share with you my latest one!

Beauty and Fashion Wishlist

As you can see, its a bit of a mixture of things really! There's a couple of things that I really want from a company I've never heard of but their products look so pretty.

I always here people taking about MAC pigment and whenever I see someone wearing it, I fall in love haha. It just looks so pretty.  A long with the 2 Topshop lipsticks which look equally as pretty. I'm yet to try a lipstick from Topshop but I am so desperate to try these two!

And of course, the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation is on my wish list. If you follow me on Twitter (@bird_butterfly1) you'll know that I have made a deal with my Mum and myself that if I buy no make up for a month I can justify buying it (unless I run out of any thing hehe)

Let me know about any of items on your wish list! I'd love to know.


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  1. I was at the mall yesterday and saw TOPSHOP inside of Nordstrom. I immediately went there and the price tags had pounds, euros, and dollars all written on it. They were expensive.. I wanted the lipsticks for a while now, but they didn't have one inside Nordstrom. I probably would need to go to a standalone Topshop store one day...