The Skinny Kitchen

I'm not too sure if The Skinny Kitchen is a well known restaurant, I didn't even know about it until my friend told me about it.  Anyway, I visited there a couple of weeks ago with my friend and had a lovely lunch so thought I would do a blog post on it!

I am honestly the fussiest eater so I wasn't too sure about going somewhere healthy like this as I thought I would hate it all but I really enjoyed it.

There is a very big range of juices and smoothies, I wasn't too keen on these though and didn't have one. I went with a boring coke zero. My friend had one though and it did look really good, but not sure if those drinks are for me!

Anyway onto the food.  I had the Seriously Stacked Burger which was a beef burger with halloumi, sweet onion, red onion, lettuce, tomato and a home jalapeño and avocado sauce and served with Sweet Potato Fries (which I've never had before!) I didn't have the sauce with my burger so that did mean my burger was a bit dry but apart from that it was really good. Absolutely huge though haha, so I didn't eat it all.

I loved the sweet potato fries, they're definitely a new favourite for me I think and I'm definitely going to start eating those more instead of normal fries.  The ones here were a bit spicy for me, but I do hate spicy food so they're probably alright for everyone else! You can probably tell how fussy I am now! 
I would definitely go back to The Skinny Kitchen and I really want to try the peanut protein pancakes, they sound really good.  The only negative thing for me of The Skinny Kitchen was the service.  It was fairly slow and could be a bit quicker, but apart from that I loved it!

I would definitely recommend going here if you are near one! 

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