What I Got For Christmas

Since I enjoy reading posts on what people got for Christmas and videos, I thought I would write one.  I am in no way bragging or showing off what I got, I just thought some of you might want to read it :) 

Ted Baker's 'The Girl With The Beautiful Face'

I am well and truly in love with this.  The packaging is perfect and the products inside are even better.   The eye shadow crayons and lipstick are my absolute favourites. 

Soap and Glory: The Soapremes

(Given up taking my own pictures because the quality is rubbish, sorry) 

I do have a slight obsession with Soap and Glory so this was perfect for me, and it had cosy socks!!! What more could you want. 

Giant Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher are my favourites so getting a giant one in my stocking was like my dream come true., not gonna lie haha.

As well as this, I also got a lot more chocolate but I don't think any of you just want to see pictures of chocolate.  

Besides chocolate, I got lots of Avon nail varnishes.  I actually really like Avon nail varnishes and they aren't too expensive.  A few of the shades I got were, Candy Apple, Sheer love and Creme Brûlée, which are all the 'Gel Finish Nail Enamel'.  I also got the Black 'Colour Trend Starbust Nail Enamel' 

So there are a few of the presents I got, which I am all very grateful for. 


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