What I do after a panic/anxiety attack

I think panic and anxiety attacks are more or less the same (I might be wrong, I just know I have panic attacks).  They're both awful and drain a hell of a lot of energy from you.  I go through times of having them very frequently and then not so much.  Either way, I like to do a number of things after I've had one to try and relax myself and get some energy back!  These things usually help me, they may not help you as we are all different, but I really hope they do!

1.  Tell yourself you got through it: I like to remind myself that I got through the panic attack and I'm ok now.  A few minutes ago, your heart was racing, you felt like you couldn't breath and basically felt like you were about to die. Look at yourself now.  You got through it.  You didn't die.  YOU were strong enough to get through.  If it happens again, remind yourself that.  Remember that you had no reason to be so scared, it was all ok.

2.  Work out the cause: It might just be me, but I like to try and think about what caused my panic attack.  If I know what caused it I sometimes think "You know, that was a really scary thing to me and thats's why my anxiety got out of control.  Next time, it won't need to" (does that make any sense? Haha)

3. Have a shower and get changed into your favourite PJs: I get very hot and sweaty during panic attacks and so the best thing I find to do is have a shower.  It gets you clean and refreshed, whilst giving you some time to think about what just happened and remind yourself of point number 1.  Normally, I find baths more relaxing but after I've had the attack the thought of a bath makes me feel horrible. I like to change into my favourite PJs because why not?

4. Have a drink and watch some Netflix/TV:  After I've had my shower I just like to go and lay on my bed and drink a load of water.  I then like to make myself a hot chocolate and watch some Netflix or TV in bed.

5.  Go to bed or have a nap: If its night time I just go to bed or if its during the day, I'll just have an hour or so nap.  As I've said, panic attacks drain a lot of energy.  I always feel so exhausted after and just want to sleep.  When I wake up, I'll (most of the time) feel a bit better!

So there you have a few things I do after I've had a panic attack. I hope some of these may help you! If you have any things you like to do, please let me know in the comments! 



  1. Great post, Jessica. There's a few points here which I do myself like put on favourite pjs/take a nap/watch TV - I find these a great way to calm myself. Like you panic attacks drain me, I usually feel really cool and get the shivers so a warm bath or shower help also. x


    1. Thank you. I'm glad you find some of the same things useful. Yep, I find my self being a bit cold too x

  2. I feel like I read this before.. did you repost it? I remember leaving you a comment, lol..

    Anyway, when I used to have an anxiety attack, it was always at work ( I quit that job now )... while having the attack, I tried to think of Zoe and remember that it will pass. It wouldn't last as long.. however, when I had my worst anxiety attack yet, I just wanted to give up. If it wasn't for a twitter friend, I probably would have called the paramedics... I felt like I really needed medical attention... I got through it, but that same day, I handed in my resignation.


    1. I've done one on helping with my mood sort of thing a few months ago, but it was different to this :)

      Aw :( I'm so glad you got through it and had that friend to help you! Sorry you had to resign from your job, but it probably helped you?

      If you ever want to talk, you can always tweet me :)