'Love, Tanya' Book Review

Hello everyone, quick short post for you today to make up for my lack of posts last week!

As I am I huge fan of Tanya Burr and her YouTube videos and blog, I thought it was only right I purchased her first ever book 'Love, Tanya'.  The main reason was because it was by Tanya but also because I struggle to read books, mainly novels, and when I knew it was going to have lots of different subjects I thought it was the perfect book for me.  I was right!

It took me only 3 weeks to get through (which is amazingly quick for me) and I loved it.  I really liked how it went through different stages during Tanya's life and featured parts about her childhood, anxiety, meeting Jim Chapman and baking, as well as others.

The baking chapter was my particular favourite as I love banking and Tanya's recipes are lovely (Please make the cookies!) The chapter where she wrote about meeting Jim was lovely.  They are so perfect together and the story of how they met is so cute!

All in all, I think the book is really well written and if you like Lifestyle books, I would definitely recommend this one!



  1. Okay well I now I just want some cookies. Tanya has come so far & done so much at such a young age!

    :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. Haha thats how I felt reading the book! I know, she's done so well :)

  2. still waiting for Amazon US to have this available and on sale lol...

    P.S. maybe post a picture of the book next time


    1. Ah that's annoying! Haha. I only bought it on my kindle :(