So it was my birthday a couple of days ago and a couple of friends bought some Lush products.  I absolutely love Lush products so this made me very happy!  The first one was this:

Northern Lights

This Bath Bomb was AMAZING.  I'm terrible at describing smells but the smell of this was just so good. It was sweet and just so fresh.  The colours it turned my bath were lovely, as well.  It started off as pink and then as it dissolved more and more slowly a dark turquoise came out a long with a pale yellow and little stars.  The end resulted in a dark pink/purple bath with a few bubbles.  Perfect.

This picture has not come out good, but I thought I'd put it in anyway, haha.

I'm yet to use the second one, which is called 'Think Pink' but when | do, there will be another post!

Jessica xxxx

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