25 Facts About Me

I thought it would be a good idea for me to list 25 facts about me so you can all then, hopefully, get to know me better. I'm not interesting in the slightest though, but enjoy!

1. I live in South East England
2. I'm an only child
3. I love my dog more than humans
4. I'm the laziest person ever hahaha
5. Zoe is my inspiration and my idol
6. This is because I suffer from severe anxiety
7. Also depression
8. I love all of the other youtubers as well, a crazy amount to be honest
9. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year.
10. Autumn is my favorite season because it's cold but not too rainy
11. I go to a lot of musicals and Billy Elliot is my favorite
12. Kind of sort of really like watching This Morning
13. I'm a lot shorter than my friends, I'm 5ft
14. I've never been to a wedding which sucks
15. I hate cereal and breakfast in general
16. I'm a little bit obsessed with The Sims
17. I love makeup
18. Elf is my favorite Christmas film and my favorite film
19. I cannot wait till I can have driving lessons
20. Boats are awful and I hate them
21. My favorite colour is mint green (like Louise, oh I'm Louise)
22. I have a lot of naps
23. I love baking and I think I'm quite ok at it
24. Internet is my favorite
25. I spend too much time online

So there you, go 25 facts about me.  They aren't at all interesting, but that's me.  Hope that's ok!

Jessica xxx